Saturday, April 23, 2016

Clients Represented Software and information Technology

We got our start after working for a very fine "Generic" Merger and Acquisition Advisory firm. I do not mean this to be a dig, but just a way to describe that our former firm was industry agnostic in engaging with all types of companies. Generally they did an excellent job relying on a proven M&A process. One area that they struggled with, however, was in representing software and information technology companies. In analyzing the competitive landscape, we found this to be the case with the vast majority of lower market M&A firms and business brokers. They did not speak the language and felt uncomfortable in pursuing transaction values that were not based on rules of thumb or a multiple of EBITDA. They struggled with unlocking strategic value for their clients.

MidMarket Capital was originally founded based on our deep roots in technology in our prior business experience. Our ideal client is one that has a significant part of their company value contained in their technology and intellectual property. We have chosen to focus on representing businesses in this space and our value proposition is to drive strategic transaction value for our clients.

For buyers of technology companies, it is important that the seller's representatives "speak the language" and if you are a technology, software, information technology, or healthcare information technology company, odds are that we have represented a similar company to yours during the past fifteen years. Please see below for a list describing companies we have represented:

MidMarket Capital Clients

An IBM Cognos Partner - Performance Management, Professional Services, and Software Development Firm

A Distribution ERP Systems Software Company

Web Enabled Supply Chain Management System

eCommerce Company

Document Imaging & Management Software Company

Textbook Content Service Provider

Managed Information Security Services Company

Information Technology Consulting Company

IT Services Provider SMB

Affiliate Marketing Management Firm

Digital Communications Company

Pension Administration Software Company

CRM and Integrated Product Performance Management Software Company

Live Virtual Computer Training Company

Telecom Alliance Channel Partner

Rich Media & Interactive Marketing Software and Services Company

Wireless Electronic Monitoring Company Hardware, Software, Firmware, Software as a Service

Third-party Provider of Software for Bentley’s MicroStation

Mobile, On-Demand Data Collection, Management & Reporting

IT and telephony system design and support SMB

Publishing Management Software and Services

Network Integrity and Switch Provisioning Software Company

Advanced Networking Technology Development Contractor

ECommerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) Company


Smart Grid Software and Engineering Company

Web Content Distribution and Compliance Management Software Company

Recreational Team Management and Group Management Portal

.Net - SaaS Based Sales Collateral Management Software and IT Services Company

Pool and Spa Service Management and Store Software Systems

Systems integrator and reseller of IT products to Federal Government clients

Mobile Field Merchandising & Data Collection Software

The BI Life Cycle Management Company - IBM/Cognos Enhancement Software Solutions

Security Solutions Value Added Distributor

A Pathology Laboratory Information Systems Company

A Cost Analysis and Control Software Company for Healthcare Facilities

An Evidence Based Patient Acuity Measurement and Nurse Staffing Systems and Services Company

A Web-Based Staffing, Scheduling and Nurse Shift Bidding Software Company


Ophthalmology Information System (OIS) Company

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company

Cloud-Based Vendor Neutral Archiving & PACS Software Company

Hospital Services & Software Company

Electronic Health Record and Personal Identification Wristband Company

Big Data Analysis Engine for Repositioning Drug Discovery

Smart Pharma Cap for Medication Adherence and Compliance Recording
Dave Kauppi is a Merger and Acquisition Advisor and Managing Director of MidMarket Capital, providing business broker and investment banking services to owners in the sale of information technology companies. To view our lists of buyers and sellers click to visit our Web Site MidMarket Capital

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