Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Engagement HealthCare Technology Company

 We just engaged with the company below to locate buyers/investors for their healthcare technology company.

Smart Pharma Reminder and Monitoring System to improve Medication Adherence

·        4 Billion prescriptions filled annually in the US - non-adherence results in $300 Billion Cost to healthcare system

·        Catalyst for outcome-based healthcare delivery

·        Device protected by a granted US Patent + one pending

·        Inexpensive device ($3 per unit in volume cost) is programmed by the prescribing pharmacist

·        Device records patient use of medication for HIPPA compliant Web reporting allowing additional care giver interventions and sale of adherence data to insurers, Pharma companies

·        Recipients of 3 NIH SBIR Grants to prove the technology & study the impact on patient adherence

·        Competitive solutions are expensive and complex - requiring set up by the patient or care giver

According to published research, only about 50% of prescribed medication is taken as scheduled.  This issue leads to problems with patient health outcomes, and it adds almost $300B to the annual cost of healthcare when diseases aren’t controlled effectively and unnecessary complications lead to hospital and nursing home admissions. 
Company's solution to the problem of medication adherence is the @CAP which is unique from any product on the market because it is automatically programmed, wirelessly in the pharmacy as part of the regular work flow in filling a prescription.  Of course it provides the visual and audible reminders to help the patients remember to take their medication, but it doesn’t require any programming by the patient. Medicare part D’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program allows for the cost of this product to be covered at the pharmacy for patients that qualify. The @CAP is also priced to be disposable or reused. Additionally, @cap and related products record and report adherence in real time, giving interested parties patient-level data in real-world settings to understand drug usage, and treatment outcomes, and influence behavior change.
Company's product benefits the entire value chain in delivering an improvement in outcome-based healthcare.  The patient increases adherence thus reducing the likelihood of adverse conditions requiring additional medical care. Their care givers can utilize the system's information to provide additional interventions.  The pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and manufacturers all benefit from increased consumption/sales. The insurance companies benefit from increased adherence resulting in far fewer expensive medical issues, hospital admissions, emergency room visits and other treatments. Finally, fewer preventable medical procedures reduce the strain on the entire healthcare system.
Our Client has engaged MidMarket Capital to locate a Strategic Buyer that could capitalize on their industry leading solution, leverage their patents and intellectual property and scale into a very large and receptive market space.
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