Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Company Acquisition Opportunity - Omnichannel Marketing Meets IoT & Analytics

Real Time Consumer Interaction Management Platform

The Company has continuously upgraded the toolset to create the most flexible, comprehensive and cost effective Real Time Interaction Management System (RTIM) available today.  The Company’s CTO has refined this platform over the past several years and the architecture facilitates rapid deployment and  integration. The current production system is deployed at the corporate headquarters of Toro and is being used as a model for user experience management for their dealers.  The platform  provides the rich user experience and  informational content currently available on Toro's Website, directly on  the user's mobile device, driven by proximity and  user initiated requests for additional information.

·         The Omni-Channel Imperative: The next wave for retail marketing pros is Cross-Channel Campaign Management but according to Forrester Research schedule-based CCCM workflows are becoming less effective and need to be replaced  by contextually relevant customer interactions which include advanced analytics, real-time interaction management and digital channel delivery.
·         Time to Market Developed Solution:  This product can either be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a more comprehensive Cross Channel Campaign Management Solution. The company estimates that owning this technology will provide a 12-18 month time-to-market advantage over developing the technology from scratch.
·         Rapid growth in markets: According to Forrester Research, "In the US market, nearly $1 trillion of US retail spend was influenced by mobile phones.  US shoppers spent $334 billion online in 2015 and another $1.2 trillion in physical stores influenced by digital channels, with this number expected to grow to $1.6 trillion by 2020."
·         The Strategic Acquirer:  Can immediately expand company sales with an improvement in sales and distribution efforts. The product can be deployed as a stand-alone socially integrated software platform built for enterprise. It delivers personalized digital content based on customer’s interactions and environment . It is also an excellent companion product for providers of cross channel marketing campaigns to retail consumers, data analytics and market research vendors, email marketers, and other consumer facing marketing services.
·         Potentially Valuable Patent Pending: Provisional patent was filed as well as a full patent application. The USPTO application number is 14/964,253 entitled INTERNET OF THINGS DEVICE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM with specific features involving Real Time Interaction Management and driving re-targeting marketing on social media - a huge potential area for growth.
·         Elegant Software Architecture and Design: the CTO was instrumental in the design and architecture of Target Stores very successful Cartwheel proximity marketing in-store system and has added numerous additional capabilities to the new Company's platform. The platform's API's and Software Developer Kit make it an ideal stand-alone system or one that could be quickly and easily integrated into an existing suite of consumer marketing capabilities such as CRM, consumer data and analytics, real-time interaction management, Web based marketing, email marketing, and social media.
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