Friday, May 19, 2017

Company Acquisition Opportunity Publisher of Medical and Scientific Illustrations - Expansive Digital Assets

 The Company is a research and development publishing company specializing in high-quality medical and scientific illustrations, and educational products. Since its founding in 1998, the company has built a library of digital anatomical, pathological, and physiological illustrations and the text copies related to them. They are the most consistent in the industry with a consistent look across media.

Trademarks and copyrights: The Company earns royalty fees from previous promotional and medical publications. The Company retains the copyright for each new product it develops and currently maintains a library of approximately 150 copyrights.

Expansive Visual Assets: Since its founding in 1998, the Company has amassed a catalog of over 1,000 multi-layered illustrations that covers the majority of medical conditions and muscular and skeletal ailments providing a comprehensive portfolio of medical and pharmaceutical education materials to be used in a variety of publishing mediums.

Leveraging High Quality Assets: The multi-layered illustrations can be deployed digitally for an enhanced learning experience, capitalizing on the growth of on-line education and professional training.

Dave Kauppi is a Merger and Acquisition Advisor and President of MidMarket Capital, providing business broker and investment banking services to owners in the sale of information technology, software, and other technology based companies. Dave is also the editor of the Exit Strategist Newsletter and author of the Book Selling your Software Company - An Insider's Guide to Achieving Strategic Value

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