Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Client Acquisition Opportunity - MSP with Life Sciences focus

2016 Revenue: $4.5 MM                               2016 EBITDA: $596 K

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Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Massachusetts, Company provides strategic IT consulting in information technology, qualified cloud offerings and managed services, including managing regulated, qualified and non-qualified environments. Having worked with numerous products requiring regulatory oversight Company understands the distinct needs of the Life Science industry. We can provide a layer of comfort to the CIO or CFO in an environment where you might not have enough coverage for those critical or legacy applications and still be able to maintain all of the regulatory requirements that your company absolutely requires. Company is recognized as a leading provider of regulated systems management services with a focus on providing IT operating and application systems support. We can assume complete responsibility of the IT environment for companies who decide to outsource their IT or quality auditing needs. Company uses principles supported and taught in the Project Management Institute, and our Good Systems Practice® Managed Service approach provides the customer with much more flexibility than a traditional staff augmentation. 

Dave Kauppi is a Merger and Acquisition Advisor and President of MidMarket Capital, providing business broker and investment banking services to owners in the sale of information technology, software, and other technology based companies. Dave is also the editor of the Exit Strategist Newsletter and author of the Book Selling your Software Company - An Insider's Guide to Achieving Strategic Value

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